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3 – The seven brothers in order of height

My paternal grandparents with their seven sons. Shyambajar, Calcutta, West Bengal. 1943

Image and text contributed by Shubhodeep Das.

“This photograph was taken by a hired photographer on the terrace of the house, which was probably 100 years old at that time. The arrangement of all the boys in a descending order of height has always amused me. They were a family of seven brothers.

Brothers -Left to Right – Late Sri Prithwish Kumar Das, studied engineering and design in Glasgow and settled in Calgary, Canada. Sri Pijush Kumar Das, studied and ventured into the banking sector. He is retired now and settled in Kolkata. Dr. Priyotosh Das studied medicines in Kolkata and later settled in UK. Till date he visits Kolkata every year. Dr. Prodosh Das worked for the West Bengal Government and is now retired and settled in Kolkata. Late Sri Pronobesh Kumar Das went on to become a painter, he never married and lived all his life in Kolkata. Prof. Prabir Kumar Das still teaches engineering as a part time lecturer in Kolkata. My father, Sri Pradip Kumar Das, served in the Indian Ariforce from 1961 till 89, retired and settled in Kolkata.
Till date, all the remaining brothers are in touch, they get together and do travel and have fun at least once a year.”

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Responses (6)

  1. Joe says:

    What an interesting picture.
    I like the fact that Dr. Priyotosh Das visits Kolkata every year.

  2. Anik says:

    Heyy, Shubhodeep, a compact disciplined family picture. Nice to get a glimpse of Shyambajar of the 1940s. It is a famous market, heard a lot about it from my parents and seniour relatives. Hats off to your Grandparents for being able to provide such a high level of education to all their sons. :)

  3. Noren says:

    Amazing Picture and the fact that remaining brothers are still in touch is great to hear about !! God Bless such a nice family !!

  4. Indraneel Bhatiya says:

    This is an amazing picture.

  5. Priya says:

    A wonderful picture!

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