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7 – The Professor who founded the Surat University

My maternal grandparents, Surat, Gujarat. 1925

“My Grandfather was a very progressive man. Though he married my grandmother very young, 17 or 18 I think, he decided not to have children until she was in her 20s. He understood that she was too young to have kids so early. He was a Chemistry professor in Surat. After being trained in Manchester,  he and 2 other professors joined hands and found the Surat University.

The watch that my grandmother proudly wears in this photograph, was a gift bought for her in Manchester.”

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  1. Suma says:

    By Surat University do you mean the P T Science college? What are their names?

  2. Gautam says:

    You must publish (TAG) the names + designation of the persons shown in the photographs and the place + age of the occasion.

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