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Encapsulating all the creative and strategic skills developed through 20 years of experience, ‘The Memory Company‘, a premium consultancy that specialises in building, designing and curating digital visual & narrative (stories) based Archives & Memory Projects, Books and Shows for Organisations, Brands & Communities.. The Company works with country-wide and locally based team members on Archiving Projects.

The Memory Company is founded by Anusha Yadav, Photographer, Designer & the founder of the world’s first and the most successful online Photo archive, INDIAN MEMORY PROJECT. It has internationally radicalised the way personal histories, narratives, photographs and archives are re-discovered, explored, understood and presented to the world.

For professional queries on consultancies for :

  • Customised Online or Intranet based Memory Projects (country wide) 
  • Documenting, archiving, researching historical images, Stories, Period based Looks, Legacies, Family, Professional, Individual and corporate histories. (Books, Exhibitions, Online and Interactive Content & Products, Cinema, Documentary Films & Television)
  • Book design
  • Consultancy for Building Digital Archives
  • Curation for Archival Photo Exhibitions.

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