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Encapsulating all the creative and strategic skills developed through 18 years of experience, we have established ‘The Memory Company‘, a consultancy that serves with proven excellence – high quality and radical works in the field of customised Memory Projects, Subcontinental Histories, Corporate and Family based Photo & Narrative visual assets organising and archives, Historical & Period Based research, Designing, Conceptualising, and curating Archival and Contemporary Photo Exhibitions, as well as Documentary & Portrait Photography, Publication & Book Design (Biographies, Coffee Table Books, Catalogues). The Company works with country wide and locally based team members on archiving projects.

The Memory Company is owned by Anusha Yadav, Photographer, Designer & the founder of the world’s first and the most successful online Photo archive, INDIAN MEMORY PROJECT. It has internationally radicalized the way personal histories, narratives, photographs and archives are re-discovered, explored, understood and presented to the world.

For professional queries on consultancies for :

  • Customised Online or Intranet based Memory Projects (country wide) 
  • Documenting, archiving and/or researching historical images, Narratives, Stories, Period based Looks, Legacies, Heritage, Family, Professional, Individual and corporate histories. (Books, Museums, Exhibitions, Online and Interactive Content & Products, Cinema, Documentary Films & Television)
  • Book design
  • Photography
  • Consultancy for Building Archives
  • Curation for Archival & Contemporary Photo Exhibitions.

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