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The Indian Memory Project is a labour of love and a quest of undying curiosity of the Indian Subcontinent’s real history. But labours of love and curiosities end up costing money. Running this project takes up loads of research, and time, while the overheads never seem to diminish especially with the project’s profile rising so high.

The Circle of Patrons are people who have so kindly contributed whatever little finances they could, to Indian Memory Project. We are very grateful for their patronage and belief in the power of this project. Every little bit helps; and it is because of patronage that the project gets to flourish and become so powerful. I hope you too stand encouraged to become a patron. We’d love to have you as our benefactors and make this project you so love, even bigger.

To become a patron, all you have to is click here.

Circle of Patrons

– Ani Sengupta, Mumbai

– Arpita Chatterjee, Mumbai

– Rupa Subramanya & Vivek Dehejia, Mumbai

– Anonymous, USA

– Aarti Kalro

– Nippun

– Chino Otsuka, Photographer, Japan

– Subbiah Yadalam, Rare Book Society of India, Bangalore

– Prasad Ramamurthy, Mumbai

– Tulsi Dharmarajan

– Dev Karan Ahuja

– Christopher J Morrow, USA

– Shraddha Adhikari, France

– Devinay

– Bhavin Patel, Pondicherry

– Anonymous, Bangalore

– Sabelo Narasimhan, New York, USA

– Amit Jain, San Francisco, USA

Sharmistha Ray, Artist : Honorary member for the Art for Memory Programme.

– Poorna Jagannathan, Mumbai

– Usha Kapoor, Singapore

– Rohan Jha, Bangalore

– Aparna Datta, Bangalore

– Ruchi & Dr. Mark Brunvand, Denver, USA

Dr. Girija Kaimal, University of Drexel, USA

– Sheetal Sudhir, Creative Director /Co founder, Dynamite Design, Mumbai

– Usha Bhandarkar, Mumbai

– Lulu Raghavan, Managing Director, Landor Associates, Mumbai

– Soni Dave, New Delhi

– Mohan Bhuyan, New Delhi

– Iskander Lalljee, Managing Director, Sud-Chemie-India, Gurgaon

– Gautam Kishanchandani, Mumbai

– Aditya Sengupta, Bangalore

– Samta Kejriwal, Hulahoop Design, Mumbai

– Kiran Khalap, Author/co-founder – Chlorophyll, Mumbai

– Riddhika Jesrani, Jewellery Designer, Mumbai

– Navneet Kaur Ahuja, Photographer, Faridabad

– Vikram Ramchandani, Mumbai

– Padmini Mirchandani, Pictor Publishing, Mumbai

– Suresh Mandan, USA

– Rahul Sengupta, Director, Mumbai

Gauri Gill, Photographer, New Delhi

– Nandini Nair, Creative Consultant, Bangalore

Dayanita Singh, Photographer, New Delhi

Anshumalin Shah, Bangalore

– Radhika Singh, New Delhi

– Lt. Col (Retd) Dr. G. Kameswara Rao, Hyderabad

– Mrs. Shalini Yadav, Jaipur

– Sagar Kogekar, Webwingz –  Server Host (2010-2014)

Dinesh Khanna, Photographer

– Priyanka Bhasin, Design Stack