In midst of apartheid

My second cousins, Dalpat Kapitan and family at the international airport. Durban, South Africa. Circa 1960

Image and Narrative contributed by Minal Hajratwala, Bengaluru

This image was photographed when my second cousin, Dalpat Kapitan and  his family were at the airport, en route to a family vacation in India. This was also at the height of “petty apartheid” in South Africa, when all public places were being segregated. Kapitan and his family owned a restaurant in Durban, South Africa, and his father and my Great great uncle, G.C. Kapitan is credited with inventing the fava-bean version of the “bunny chow.” The bunny chow, a loaf of bread filled with curry, is considered by some to be South Africa’s national dish.

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  1. RKhambhaita

    Interesting image and context. My grandfather was thrown off the 1st/2nd section of a train while on holiday in SA in the 50s! I’ve had the bunny chow about 15 years ago in a shop called Patel’s. Good memories of Durban.

  2. Dev Kumar Vasudevan

    This is truly a historic photograph. The cruelty of apartheid can be seen in this photograph.

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