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Are you a good writer, knowledgeable about basic History of the Indian Subcontinent, world History, new media, are keen to learn more, are a reader of Indian Memory Project and interested in working with us as a volunteer researcher and writer Indian Memory Project always seeking Volunteers for the project.

Please note: This is an unpaid, part-time position, averaging 12 hours per week, and it involves finding new stories, following up on leads, researching, investigating, scanning the image, writing and sending all material to the editor/curator at Indian Memory Project. In addition to possessing writing, researching and editing skills, our ideal candidates must be very curious  and interested in other people’s pasts and lives from any walk of life and will communicate with them in person or on phone or emails.

Our Volunteer researcher and writer/s will work with the founder to fix interviews, and record conversations/follow up with people they meet over photographs, including scanning a maximum of three photographs from families they meet, and getting a  release signed. The volunteer will write and edit the narrative to be published, and be expected to assist in other details for the maintenance of the archive on a need basis. This position is best suited for someone who has their own lap-top and is able to carve out one to three hours a day, five days a week, amidst other regular work.

If you feel you qualify and would like to apply or learn more, please send us an email at indianmemoryproject@gmail.com “Archive researcher and writer volunteer” in the subject line, and we will respond with further details. Please do include links to any relevant website, blog or social network profiles, including, if you have them, your Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.

Essential requirements:

Working with the Project means working with people. You must be at-least be a college graduate, enthusiastic, and a capable person interested in people from any cultural and economic background. An interest in world and national history, photography, old documents, and current affairs is necessary, and curiosity is one of the most important characteristics to have. (Please note. An ‘interest’ does not mean expertise. Though an expertise is always welcome.)

Job Description:

  1. Ensuring release licenses from contributors are signed
  2. Fluent in English, Hindi and/or a regional language.
  3. Transcribing Audio to Text.
  4. Collecting images and documents from personal archives.
  5. Interviewing and recording conversations.
  6. Comfortable using the Internet. (MAC & PC)
  7. Responding to telephone, e-mail and written requests from clients, researchers, suppliers and members of the public.
  8. Travelling within the local area on Project
  9. Handling all hard copy documents with respect, confidentiality and care. There won’t be any tolerance for carelessness.
  10. Access to a personal desktop/ laptop computer


  1. Please write a short note about yourself, what you are doing currently and why would you be interested in working with Indian Memory Project
  2. Attach your resume and a current photograph of yourself.
  3. Email at indianmemoryproject@gmail.com with the subject line : “Archive researcher and writer volunteer”