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Apart from photographs, the project is also calling for personal and real, sent, unsent or received ‘Love letters’, handwritten or typewritten (including postcards). If you happen to have one on you and would like it to be a part of a book, we’d really like to see it. 


1. Once you have decided on the photograph or letter you would like to send, please have it scanned in High resolution. (Preferably 10 inches width, 300 DPI, RGB Mode). Save it in Jpeg format.

2. Please type the narrative into a word/text file, with as much detail as you can remember or find out from relatives and friends. Remember to include a contact number and save the file.

3. Choose any of the first two options below to make an online contribution.

There are Two ways to send in your contributions, however, email is always better.

a) An Online Submission Form : please remember to attach the image (photograph/letter).

b) Email – [indianmemoryproject@gmail.com] Paste the narrative in the text field, and please remember to attach the image (photograph/letter).

Please do read the Terms and Conditions before you send the image & story.