Indian Memory Project relies on your patronage to stay robust, active and assured. If you like what we do, and want to see it continue for as long as possible, keep your friends, family, children and grandchildren, students of the present and future informed, then please do lend your support. Your support with regular honorariums is our bedrock of support, vital to the project’s survival. Click here to become a patron.


When Indian Memory Project began in 2010, the value it commanded was that it will remain available for reference – free of cost to all, because these stories are the subcontinent’s collective personal heritage, and to profit from it felt entirely unethical. Hence, there is no subscription fee, and neither is there any intrusive advertising on the main archive.

The Indian Subcontinent is diverse with a largely undocumented past, and every other civilisation of the world has passed through it one time or another. The more we learn about it the better we stand informed. So we need help from people like you to bestow a little something back, that will ensure that the project can keep with up contemporary technologies, gather more stories and live longer into the future. It will enable us to present you with more wondrous, baffling and fascinating stories from the the subcontinent. Indian Memory Project is an invaluable and significant good, an unofficial record of a collective and it deserves to be preserved, protected and appreciated.

The money goes back into researching more stories, promoting the project offline and online, storage, scanning, prints, servers, research library fees, pay for e-mailer services, programming /coding maintenance, domain and server costs. It also helps us fund basic food and local transport for researchers, volunteers and preparing presentation materials nationally and internationally.

Absolutely. You can visit the online shop and buy something –  we get a small commission (about 5-10% of the sale price ) from our affiliate partners (eg: Amazon) from each item sold. We also have a few of the founder’s own works on the shop, and will be introducing many more that are inspired by contemporary and traditional culture, and history. What really is a help is spreading the word on the project and encouraging your friends and family to send us stories.

Yes, you are most welcome to donate your old pictures or found pictures that hold no real importance to you but can for us, and are willing to waive any rights to it. We ask you to waive rights so we can create exciting merchandise with it and develop art/products to sell that can help fund this project. Please write us at to discuss further.


No. Unfortunately while Indian Memory Project is not-for-profit project, we are not a Trust or a Foundation, but a sole proprietorship ( THE MEMORY COMPANY) and the only way to receive any honorarium for any service is through that. The good news is that whatever amount you choose to pay, we reverse calculate a GST on it (absorbing the tax liability), send you a formal receipt and pay our dues to the government on time. If you’d like to be credited for the GST, please send us your GSTIN and we shall add that on the receipt.

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All queries can be addressed at indianmemoryproject

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    The house of HR hardless is still in my town. And I have much more information about them

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    Hai anusha……..
    Very very appreciatable work my dear friend…………

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    This is such a wonderful project! One of my favorites on the Net so far! Keep up the good work.

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    It Is a beautiful project.I would like to subscribe to it.How can I help?
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    I will provide some old photos with me

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    great compilation, keep up the good work.

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    Will be interested in sending you some images from my family album archives

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