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coinIt has been three years since Indian Memory Project was founded and I thank you for your encouragement that has blessed it to fly so high. Deemed the world’s first online personal visual & narrative archive, it has filled a huge gap for us to feel, see, re-connect, learn, resolve and know the unknown about our people, country and subcontinent’s past through beautiful photographs & letters. It has reawakened semblances of personal, familial, local, cultural, national and international identity, and most unexpectedly, helped discover lost friends, acquaintances and descendants. Now, we really need your support to continue the good work we have started.

As you know Indian Memory Project is a radical idea, the world’s first. In the past three years the project has received three awards, press features (at times repeatedly) in almost all reputed news publications worldwide. It has been invited to present in several cities in India & the world and has fortuitously enthused countries like Japan, Iran, Nepal, Estonia, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and South Africa to implement and expand their own Memory Projects. Now renowned personalities, photographers, archivists, academics, artists, journalists & historians from all over the world cite the project as example.

I am delighted with what we have achieved and the positive appreciation has encouraged me to make this project into a larger, more sophisticated and robust archive accessible to all of us, today and for generations to come. So far I have managed running it with my own limited skills, earnings, and some gratis sources, and had there not been great advise & some patronage of a few contributors, acquaintances & friends, the project wouldn’t have even gotten this far. This small circle of patrons believes in the universal power of this project that is here to stay for the long long haul.

So here I am, asking you to join in the circle of our Patrons, and for your financial support & patronage, because it is important for this project to be fuelled by both great intentions and finances.

Here is how the project needs to expand. –

  • It will very soon need a far more interactive & upgraded online presence.
  • It needs to afford staff & interns, young and enthusiastic students from colleges & schools who write in every other day to work with the project – To access thousands of more stories, letters and photographs from people in the Indian subcontinent India, many of whom don’t have access to a scanner or the internet, or even know about the existence of such an archive.
  • It needs amenities, machines, electrical accessories, storage and equipment.
  • It needs an independent functional workspace that anyone can come and visit, and over tea, share photographs & letters, life stories & experiences. It must be able to afford hosting students, researchers, speakers, writers, thinkers, academicians, historians, filmmakers and collectors to share and collaborate. The space will also be used to generate some revenue from merchandise, Books, Workshops, Exhibitions, Biographies, & archiving private/abandoned collections & narratives.
  • It needs resources to build a library, a network & collaborations with other archives and educational institutions in India as well as all over the world.

If you so wish to contribute, please write us at indianmemoryproject@gmail.com for banking details.

I hope you will gladly become a part of this amazing experience. We’d also really appreciate it if you can forward this letter of patronage to your friends, colleagues and families who I hope will also be delighted to pledge a patronage to Indian Memory Project. Should you wish to speak on the phone with me, I would be so very happy to do so.

Thank you so much for your generosity,
Warmly and with much appreciation, 

Anusha Yadav
Founder, Indian Memory Project

TALK/TEXT   +91 9833 22 0885

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