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  • Only photographs and Letters (including telegrams, ID cards, Postcards) from before the end of the Year 1991 will be considered.
  • The “Uploader”/”Sender” must be the guardian/owner of the photograph and letters.
  • Please do ensure you know of the people in the photograph, their professions, about their lives, the location, the approximate year, even if not exact. Asking relatives, family and friends always offers new information. Photographs could be of your home, a personal contribution to society, your parents, relatives, friends, associates, extended family, grandparents and/or higher in ancestry.
  • Please caption the visuals carefully with as much accuracy as possible.
  • FOR PHOTOGRAPHS Names, Approximate/Exact year the image was taken, location in picture, profession, alternate professions, religion (if not obvious) and whatever other history/and details of their lives you’d like to add.
  • FOR LETTERS/DOCUMENTS Names, Approximate/Exact year the letter was written, other history/and details of their lives you’d like to add. For letters, it is mandatory to know of the sender and the receiver.
  • The Photographs / Letters can be from anywhere in the world, as long as it has a connection to the people and/or places in South Asian Indian Subcontinent
  • Narrative/Story Points about the photographs and letters are mandatory.
  • If writing down a narrative/story should be a hindrance or a problem, please write in for an appointment for verbal narration to us at indianmemoryproject@gmail.com along with the scanned image. Please note that the text will be edited to suit the format of the project.