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1 – They went to receive the groom, but returned empty handed

My grandparents Mr & Mrs H.E Chowfin on their wedding day. Lahore, (Now Pakistan). December 28, 1938.

Image and Text contributed by Madhypriya Sinha

Mr Chowfin was part Chinese and part Indian. When the strapping Pathans from the bride’s family went to the station to receive the groom, they returned empty handed claiming that the grooms family never arrived, there were however, many chinese people hanging about at the station.

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Responses (3)

  1. Ambika says:

    I found this blog while researching for work. :) And this is my family. :) I think my grandma is the young lady on the extreme left in the middle row. And the contributor of the image is my cousin. :) Happiness.

    • Rit says:

      I think I know your family Ambika – that is, if your Aunt and Uncle happen to be twins Terence and Doreen.

      • Madhurpriya says:

        You are right, Rit, these are the parents of the twins, Terrence and Doreen who are getting married. Terrence passed away on the 13th of January 2010.

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