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20 – The 100 years old woman as a baby

Shanta Bhandarkar as a baby with her English Mother Louisa Bishop, and father Dr. Vasudev Sukhtankar (with turban) and her uncle. Bombay, Maharashtra. 1910

Image and text contributed by Usha Bhandarkar

Shanta Bhandarkar, my Mother in Law, turned 100  on February 25, 2010. On the occasion of her birthday our family gifted her an album with a collection of these old photographs, one of which is this as a baby. Shanta Bhandarkar doesn’t have very good short term memory, but her long term memory is sharp. She remembers details like her mother’s Christmas Pudding and the cakes that they used to bake. She studied at Sommerville, Oxford , UK and has travelled the world extensively.

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Responses (6)

  1. Joe says:

    What an incredible story.
    Like Naina said, it would have been quite a radical wedding in those days.
    Would like to see the other pictures in the album gifted to her.

  2. Emma says:

    Yes, please tell us more about her and her life and her parents’ marriage.

  3. Naina says:

    Thats amazing! Again in those days this wedding would have been quite radical…would love to hear more…

  4. I am surprised and delighted by the wealth of stories that form the lives of people of India.

  5. GP says:

    Thank you Usha. That’s a very old but well preserved photograph. And very interesting story to accompany!

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