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39 – For Bachelors only

My grandfather Michael Fernando speaking at the Idinthakarai Villagers Association meet. Bombay, Maharashtra. 1971

Image and text contribution Sebastin Kolman

Mr. Michael Fernando, my grandfather (on the microphone) managed the Idinthakarai Villagers Association in Mumbai. Idinthakarai, my native place, is located near Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu.

He had helped the village association purchase a two storeyed huge room (similar to a chawl) in Matunga Labour Camp, Mumbai. The room was for anyone from Idinthakarai seeking a job in Mumbai. They could stay in it for free until they found work and then could continue staying on rent. This photograph was taken at the inauguration of that room.

This room still exists and is managed by the said Association. Currently there are about 15 to 20 Idinthakarai bachelors living there.

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  1. I am an Architecture student currently in Dharavi and working with this area. This sounds very interesting and I would love to know more and maybe even visit this plce if it still functions. Anybody know how I can do that?

  2. Joe says:

    What a noble idea. Good to know that it is still functioning.

  3. Interesting story. It’s the story of most immigrants, especially the mill workers Mumbai. The first stop and social anchor are the people who have already moved in from their home towns/villages and established a foothold. Good to know that the tradition continues

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