logo image Visual & Oral history of the Indian Subcontinent via family archives


“No matter what he or she does, or how long or short they live, everyone on this planet plays a central role in forming the history of the world”

Indian Memory Project was founded in February 2010, by Anusha Yadav. It is an online, curated, visual and oral-history based archive that traces a personal history of the Indian Subcontinent, its people, cultures, professions, cities, development, traditions, circumstances and their consequences. Applying images, letters and stories from family archives (sent and collected from contributors), it reconstructs a visual history that is emotionally rich, vivid, informative and even more surprising than we think.

Family/Personal archives of photographs and letters hold a treasure trove of incredible & historically valuable information. They hold astonishing secrets, and when they reveal themselves via narratives, they become the missing links to a country’s emotional & personal history. A past that we can actually feel, connect and wonder with. Indian Memory Project is now also on the lookout for notable, interesting, personal and not so personal handwritten/typewritten letters (including postcards).

Therefore, if you happen to have one you would like to share, we’d really like to see and show it. However, the project only accepts Photographs and Letters from before the Year 1991. (pre-digital era)

Please note: All images and narratives are curated, edited, corrected and if required rewritten by the founder. 

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